Sunday, February 07, 2010

Flexibility program

Adductor/butterfly stretch
  • grab feet, moving knees up down
  • hands behind, hips forward
  • on the back pulling feet to chest
  • adv: raise heels (one on top of another, or on object), hands back, hips forward(both sides)
  • raise hips
core exercise (balance)
  • butterfly
  • pull ankles up towards chest, lean back
  • hold feet, open legs, lean backwards, balance
  • back to butterfly
ilio/gluteal stretch
  • anza position, lean forward, grab legs, pull, head down (both sides)
glute (rotator) stretch
  • standard: 1 leg backwrd, 1 knee forward, foot to inside, load weight lean forward, hands forward, both sides
  • prone variation: sit down, pull one foot on leg, push knee down, pull other knee up
adductor stretch
  • side split as wide as you can
  • lean forward, hands forward
  • sit down, butterfly: grab feet, moving knees up dow
  • push knees down with elbows
  • lay back, get triangle, grab leg, pull knee to nose
  • lay back, fold legs back, touch floor with feet


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